Funko Pop Statistics – A Guide to Purchasing All Your Marvelous POP! Figures

If you’re searching for a special gift idea for any age, POP! May be the ticket. Focusing on classic cartoon and film characters, POP! Has quickly become one of the best selling collectible items on eBay and other online auction sites.

Funko POP! Began as a very small novelty toymaker back in the early 90s, but afterwards was quickly sold out by 2021. POP! Vinyl figures encompass just about every popular cartoon character in the past, which range from beloved children’s characters such as Mickey Mouse to long-running series such as The Simpsons and Futurama. Most of POP! Figures feature original artwork, with some containing details like that of elderly collectible items including autographs or limited edition signatures by the artist.

One of my most favorite POP! Figures is the My Little Pony mini figure, sculpted by Hasbro and featuring the sweet, loving boba fett of the My Little Pony franchise. The My Little Pony boba fett is among my all time favorite pony figurine, and is a part of my continuing My Little Pony collection. With a cute face for a faceplate, My Little Pony is presented in a particular window box designed especially for the miniatures, complete with detailed paint instructions and a certificate of authenticity. The My Little Pony collection includes one miniature figurine and five regular figurines, making this a fantastic gift choice for any collector, or even for a young woman who loves the ponies, or for a kid who just wants to have fun and collect things.

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Another example of a great POP! Figurine is the Han Solo Star Wars Character Figurine from Dark Empire, sculpted by Hasbro and inspired by the movie. This fine figurine features an elegant-looking man in a sharp dark robe, with two stormtroopers standing alongside him, and is encased in a display case finished in black. The comprehensive costume of the character is highlighted by the backdrop of a Death Star with a space ship spinning above it, reminiscent of the film.

POP! Figurines of Spider-man and the X-Men characters are also extremely popular with kids and adults alike. This specific line of Funko Pop Figurines, based on some of the greatest Spider-man comics of all time, are an absolute hit with children and adults for many reasons.

To begin with, they are very detailed and are extremely unlikely to have some very small hair in the design. The majority of these figurines feature a full head of hair, and you can almost feel as if you’re right there in the Marvel Comics universe, except this version is not wearing a mask and can be a good deal more likely to smudge marks and smudges. You also have the added benefit of being able to place your Marvel Comics collection into a display case. For those who have a large collection, this may be a great way to separate some of your collections so the room doesn’t look too filled down with items.

They are also well-known for their affordability. While you could probably go out and buy most of the line of POP! Figurines in the traditional brick and mortar stores, you’ll often find that buying them online is much cheaper, and they are shipped to you very quickly also. You also don’t have to be worried about running into a mad rush to get your hands on these limited edition figurines when you visit a store, which makes them even easier to shop for!

Finally, they are incredibly varied in design and style. There’s no reason you can not find a great looking figurine to fit your personality or attention no matter what it is. You can find animals, dinosaurs, villains in the Marvel Universe, and much more. While many people like to collect just one kind of POP! Figure, others prefer to mix and match so as to see if there will be a unique figurine for them to appreciate.